What is LiveRe?

Forget about complicate membership process. You can log-in with your SNS account very easily.
Increase visitors and their participation.
You can totally manage your comment.
LiveRe provides the administrator page that can meet with comment management and content response.

You can easily write a comment through the LiveRe.

  • Social Log-in you can write a comment in any website without membership (SNS log-in).
  • Real time notification you can check the response about your comment in the web and app. (Mobile App will be relsased in 2016)
  • Comment quote you can quote other user’s comment with easy drag.

LiveRe builds enjoyable communication space

  • Image & video you can attach the image & video.
  • My LiveRe through the ‘My LiveRe’, you can check and control your comment in personal.
  • Comment hide function you can hide the specific comment that you do not want to see.

We provides safe communication space

  • Security "LiveRe store the all data with encrypt. Safety"
  • Safety LiveRe use the Amazon cloud service. LiveRe can handle quickly when much internet traffics are occurred in a short time
  • Professionalism based on the 8 years know-how, LiveRe keeps around 1000 customers, and around 20,000 websites are using LiveRe.

You can easily see visitor’s activity at a look

  • Keyword/ content search you can extract the comment and content from specific keyword.
  • Visitor search you can check that what SNS being used by users and also user’s influence in social media.
  • Various statistic analysis this provide classified by Date/contents/SNS/devices with graphs.

You can meet with simple comment management.

  • Email notification when you have a reply to you comment, then you will receive an email notification by your time setting.
  • Administrator page you can directly delete comment, block comment, and restore comment as well.
You can use LiveRe in any device.

LiveRe built as optimized reaction type to the web so that users can be experienced same UX/UI in any device such as mobile, PC, Tablet, etc.

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